Our 2014 List of Gifts under $100 on Amazon.com

Christmas shopping can get hectic,

but it doesn’t have to.

We’re here to help!

We’ve sifted through Amazon’s products and compiled an awesome list of gifts under $100.

So this year, do all your shopping from the comfort of home.

Book: “The Ego and the Id” – Sigmund Freud


Get this book for the friend that thinks they’re a psychologist.

Sport/Outdoor Activity: Gibbon Fun Line Slackline


You’ve probably heard of slacklining. You might have even tried it.

Either way, you wish you could do it more often.

Any one who’s tried it has thought about getting one, but they never will.

Be a good friend and get it for them.

Game: Cards Against Humanity


Unfortunately, I have a lot of fun playing this game.

A decent person might feel guilty playing this.

Let’s just say this game is a little… crude.

Electronics: Photive CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Another item most of us put off buying for ourselves.

This Bluetooth speaker receives spectacular reviews on Amazon and the price is great.

This speaker will most likely be compatible with every phone in the room.

So everyone can take turns being DJ.

A bluetooth speaker is a must for every household in my opinion.

Home: Evelots Fondue Mugs


Silly, cheap, adorable.

Who knows, maybe they work. Even if they don’t the idea is too great to pass up.

Get this for anyone, they’re sure to think it’s awesome.

Even if they never end up using it.

Music: FKA Twigs LP1


I had to include a CD in this list.

It was a toss up between the new Wu Tang LP “A Better Tomorrow”, and this CD.

I chose this one because I haven’t actually heard the new Wu Tang yet.

FKA Twigs is complex, emotional, and very electronic.

Tech: PolarPro PowerPole GoPro Accessory


No GoPro is complete without an extension pole.

How else are you supposed to taking awesome action selfies?

The PowerPole takes the extension pole to a whole new level.

With an integrated battery, your extending both your battery life, and your range of view.

The PowerPole is over $100 but it’s well worth it.


Home: Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 3-Pod Indoor Garden


I know what you’re thinking.

But really, this is a cool gift.

The best gifts are the ones we never think of buying for ourselves but that are still surprisingly practical and enjoyable.

Grow a variety of cooking herbs in your kitchen.

It really is the gift that keeps on growing.

 Office: Mustard Hot Cookie USB


This is a USB-powered mug warmer.

It also looks like a cookie.

Who likes sipping on cold coffee?

Musical Instruments: Korg Monotron Duo 


For the musician friend.

This isn’t exactly a versatile instrument, but it’s cool for bells and whistles.

Get this for a musician who already has his core setup,

or for a not-so-serious musician who would appreciate something to goof around on occasionally.

Phone Accessories: Selfie Stick


This product, is what I predict to be most gifted this year.

Not necessarily this brand, but every factory in China is cranking out their own version of this.

You can pick up most selfie sticks for under $20 and you’re likely to see them during check-out at CVS.

I picked this one out of the bunch because it does NOT require Bluetooth or batteries and there’s a button on the handle.

Any selfie stick will do, just get one.

Clothes: Photo Print Pizza Socks


They’re ridiculous, but awesome.

Movies: Christmas Classics Box Set


Start a family tradition this year by getting this collection of Christmas movies for a loved one.

Home: Rox Ice Ball Maker


This is the perfect gift for your Whiskey or Scotch connoisseur and a price tag of under $10 makes the gift taste even better.

Cosmetics: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow 


She’ll love it as long as she doesn’t think it’s chocolate at first.

Cosmetics: Benefit Cosmetic Primping with the Stars


 For her.

Sports: Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock 


Your trail blazing friend will be stoked when they open up this gift.
This hammock is perfect for camping or just hanging out in the backyard.

Tech: Kindle Fire HD 6


A Kindle for $99?! Do it!

Home: Snap Show Vinyl Record Frame


With Snap Show you can display your vinyl and easily pop them out of the frame

so you can listen to them without having to remove the frame.

Music: “You’re Dead!” Flying Lotus


Experimental electronic music at it’s finest.

Cool, deep, slightly horrifying at times but well worth it.

Home: Define Bottle Fruit Infuser


This is a gift anyone can enjoy.

Easy to use fruit infuser water bottle.

Home: Fire TV Stick


An HDMI stick that you can use with most streaming services.

It comes with a controller and a LOT of other convenient features.

Music: Sony MDR7506 Proffesional Large Diaphragm Headphones


The Sony MDR7506 have a flat-frequency response so

instead of the boosted highs and lows that most headphones come equipped with

you hear the music the way the artist intended.

They’re a whole lot cheap than Beats too.

Food: Ghirardelli Chocolate Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa Beverage Mix



Hot Cocoa and Christmas go hand in hand and Ghirardelli is among the best.

Pets: Santa’s Little Helper Elf Pet Costume


Don’t forget your pet’s this Christmas!

Tech: iPhone 5 / 5S Camera Lens Kit61cK+gUmc0L._SL1000_

Upgrade your iPhone camera with this Camera Lens Kit.

TV/Movies: Breaking Bad: The Complete Series



This Christmas is the perfect Christmas to get someone a Breaking Bad Box Set.

It’s been just enough time since the season ended, it’s time to watch Walter White ruin his life again.

We hope you enjoy our Amazon gift list!

Hopefully you found it useful.

Happy Holidays

from DelaBuzz

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