2016, the Year of Faulty Battery

Battery Life

The shortcoming of  battery in 2016 devices was a real deal breaker (and recall enforcement).

We got to see a lot of tech gone wrong this year. So rounding up a particular tech-issue for the year was tough…but of course, we could leave it to the shortcuts and money saving tactics of big tech companies to rely on for some shortcomings.

Below is a list of 3 major battery crises of 2016.

It all started with the dreadful Samsung S7 battery (which has been recalled and already in the works of being upgraded by a rumored newer generation). This was probably the worst of all cases. So bad that Samsung decided to cease all the sales and recall orders…Samsung said it had sold 2.5 million devices so far, and it plans to replace them all in. It added that it is aware of 35 cases of faulty batteries, although it isn’t clear how many of that number had exploded.

But lets be real; Since we’re always keeping it real. What if you’re a cinematographer using a drone to capture footage of an event and your drone drops from the sky because the battery died? GoPro debuted “Karma”, a drone that in some cases (around 2,500 were recalled, but only a few had been reported incidents of power failure) would die in the middle of flying…

Or was the iPhone’s 30% battery restart issue a bigger pain for consumers. Haven’t heard of the ordeal? How about the “Touch Disease”? No? It’s okay. Apple did its best to try and cover up the mistake…Check out the list below. Apple’s 6S model had a battery issue because that model would particularly crash and either restart or not start back up when it reached the 30% mark. 

The Samsung S7

– The device was launched less than a month ago to very positive reviews, but concerns about the battery in some units — which reportedly combusted while charging — have forced the company’s hand.  The Samsung S8 has been rumored to debut early in 2017! Lets see how Samsung tries to regain some confidence.



GoPro Karma Drone

– It’s already been recalled. It was on the market for just 16 days. Take a picture: It’ll last longer than the Karma was available for sale.

iPhone 6S – 30% battery death

– Apple said the battery problem doesn’t affect the safety of the devices like, say, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We know that Apple has an issue with their batteries….
-Many iPhone 6 Plus’ have been struck down by the scourge known as “Touch Disease,” but Apple has not acknowledged the problem was systematic or widespread — until now. 
-Apple is careful to note that this problem mainly appears “after being dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress,” though iFixit suggested that the problem could also be due to the phone’s infamous tendency to bend…


How’s your battery life treating you? 

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    Just imagine your phone exploding in your pocket…WHAT.

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