3 common traits of successful Elance accounts

Elance is a great way to find freelance jobs, but it’s competitive.
You’re gonna need an edge over other users in order to win the jobs.
We’ve made a list of the three common traits of successful Elance accounts.



#1 – Has a Portfolio




Got any hard evidence of your skills?
This is an absolute requirement for Graphic Designers.
Don’t have any experience?
Make some mock ups.
Try creating an Ad campaign for your favorite Disney movie.
This is a great way to show off your skills while you wait for the jobs to roll in.



#2 – Has A Straightforward Resume



Don’t tell me that you’re “focused on conversion.” Give me pure unadulterated data and results.
Show, don’t tell, me what you’ve done for your clients.


#3 – Has Taken Tests

This feature might be the least obvious, but most important.
You might not even know that Elance has certifications.
It’s a great idea to take them, even if it’s only for the sake of assessing yourself, or maybe brushing up on some rusty skills.
(You’re gonna wanna get tested for every skill you claim, unlike this guy)


 (Okay, these are my skills, you caught me.)

Either way, it’s a good idea to test yourself on your alleged skills.
Hope this helps you to get a job and maybe not have to eat ramen for dinner every night this week!
Did we miss anything? Leave a comment telling us what other important features to utilize on Elance.

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