3D Printers Have a New Best Friend: the Voltera V-One

3D printers haven’t stopped blowing us away. Everyday we see new and exciting ways to utilize them (3D printing houses!).

They’ve taken prototyping to a whole new level, but there are still new levels to reach.

Even with a rapid 3D printed prototype, designer’s typically have to wait weeks for a printed circuit board (PCB) to make it’s way to their studio from their PCB manufacturer.

This is where Voltera V-One will change the game; no more waiting for outsourced PCBs. It will allow designers to rapid print PCBs in house.

For those of you who don’t know, PCBs support and connect electronic components. They are the foundation for most electronics.



– Prints dual layer PCBs on FR4 with 8mil space/trace

– Solder Paste Dispenser

– 550W heater with Reflow Capabilities

– Uses standard Gerber (.gbr) Files

Hats off to the team at Voltera:  Alroy Almeida, Katarina Ilic, James Pickard and Jesús Zozaya.

Technology like this enables designers to produce new technology more rapidly than ever before.


You can find Voltera on Facebook, Twitter and their Website where they’re blogging about the development of the V-One.

Video by TechCrunch from CES2015:

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