3D Printing at your Fingertips

The 3D printer is an integral part of the product design process. Engineers and designers count to determine that the function, size and aesthetics of a product are accurate before production begins. Owning one outright is a luxury that most can not afford. Overseas manufacturing has made 3D printing more affordable but not necessarily ideal. Printing domestically allows more control and creativity, not to mention efficiency.

It is every product designers dream to have their very own 3D printer at their studio. You can only imagine our excitement when we came across a product that could be the answer to our prayers! We had the pleasure of meeting Formlabs, a company on the forefront of deveopment for 3d printers at CES. They have developed a high resolution desktop 3D printer, the Form1, and we can’t wait to get our paws on one for the design lab! And get this they’re only $3299.00! (for those of you who think that number sounds high, the competition starts at around $100,000.00). In their own words, the form 1 “marries high-end stereolithography (SL) technology and a seamless user experience at a price affordable to the professional designer, engineer and maker.” It probably wont come to a surprise to you that Formlabs emerged through the cumulated frustration faced by designers and engineers in their quest for easy and affordable 3d printing methods (arrg they beat us to it!). The whole package (printer, software, and post-processing kit) will be available for pre-order soon!



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