3D Printing Never Tasted So Good

Last month, 3D Systems unveiled their project with the Hershey Company – the CocoJet. The 3D printer uses dark, milk or white chocolate instead of the inedible, plastic filament used on a typical 3D printing machine. Check out the CocoJet in action below!

“We are now using 3D technology to bring Hershey goodness to consumers in unanticipated and exciting ways,” said Will Papa, Chief Research and Development Officer, The Hershey Company. “3D printing gives consumers nearly endless possibilities for personalizing their chocolate, and we look forward to continued development of this amazing technology.”


Chocolates printed with the CocoJet


Although the CocoJet is not slated for a commercial release, 3D Systems’ ChefJet is anticipated to arrive at tech-savvy kitchens and high-end confectioneries in a few months. The ChefJet will come in two versions, both will be using food-grade sugar-based filaments to create edible designs. The ChefJet 3D will be a countertop sized printer that can put out monochromatic sweets. The Pro version will be larger and offer full-color printing for more intricate compositions.


Photo Credit: 3D Systems

The ChefJet by 3D Systems

Cake Topper and Decorations made by the ChefJet

Culinary 3D printing can reshape the way bakers and consumers eat their foods. It will be a welcome addition to the arsenal of bakers, pastry chefs and restaurateurs. With these food-grade 3D printers, 3D Systems hopes to provide the food industry with a new way to make cake toppers and other tasty sculptures.

A Cake Topper by the ChefJet Pro

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