6 Kickstarter campaigns that need funding more than Pebble does

It’s big news; Pebble Time has exceeded it’s goal by nearly six million dollars.
While Pebble is admittedly awesome, the point of Kickstarter is to enable those without funds who for one reason or another deserve our money.
Pebble has been made possible. They no longer need the funding, and Kickstarter is about those in need.
Since apparently the internet has collectively millions of dollars at their disposal I’d like to see a small fragment of it going to other less funded campaigns.
Here are six campaigns you should fund instead of, or in addition to, Pebble (in no particular order):

*percentages are bound to change as Pebble continues to be funded*


FLORA is a space for art + nature in Bogotá. We plan to build a new library/meeting place that will become the heart of our activities.
FLORA has a goal of $11,5000, that’s .4% of the excess funding that pebble has received.
“The new Library will feature many more books that delve into the relationships between art and nature, more tables and benches to work, and, most importantly, a larger space to meet. This is key to FLORA because we want to provide the local artistic community with a warm and inviting space where they can do research, study, or simply meet for a coffee.”
If you’re not at least slightly moved by this, you’ve lost your humanity and are probably made of stone.

2. Melange Creperie: Brick & Mortar

“We make great crepes, and we want to make MORE. After running a street stand in Houston for 5 years, it’s time to move indoors.”
Melange Creperie has paid their dues and deserve a shot at a brick & mortar location. Make it possible.
Melange Creperie’s goal is $50,000 or .8% of the excess funding that pebble has received.
Look at these!


The ICeU Spectres is a carbon fiber, twin engine, tilt rotor, vertical takeoff and landing manned aerial vehicle.
Well, how awesome is this?
I’ve dreamt about this since I was a wee lad.
Let’s make it happen!
ICeU has a goal of $100,000 about 1.6% of the excess funding Pebble has received.

4. Oceans Project: Bringing the Ocean Alive for Kids Worldwide

Using wearable technology, a virtual learning platform, and a rowing boat to bring the ocean and Vikings alive for kids worldwide.
Sarah Weldon is going to do something incredible, and she wants to share it with the children.
What she’s doing is interesting, which is rare and might actually captivate new humans worldwide so her and her team deserve funding.
Again, I’m touched, and if you’re not, fuhgettaboutyou.
I’ll let the video do the talking.
The Oceans Project has a goal of  £35,000 or 54,084.45, again about .8% of the excess funding Pebble has received.


Portals is an interactive audiovisual installation that allows for face-to-face communication between people around the world.
Let’s bring people together
PORTALS has a goal of $60,000 or 1% of the excess funding Pebble has received.

6. JamBlaster – Play music in real time with others from home

Being a musician, this campaign might be my favorite.
The JamBlaster is crazy fast, greatly extends the distances over which you can play together, and offers plug and play ease of use.
Imagine a social media platform for musicians to jam together… It’s called JamKazam and JamBlasters gonna make it even easier.
Imagine a streaming concert comprised of a band all playing together remotely from their rooms.
JamBlaster’s goal is $100,000 or 1.6% of the excess funding Pebble has received.
The future is now.
JamKazam Website
I’m not trying to attack pebble, I’m just trying to help the little guys.
All six of these projects total need $375,584 or 6% of the excess funding received by Pebble.
That’s right, and by the time you read this, the excess funding will have increased and the percentage will be smaller.
One more time: for %6 of the excess funding pebble has received ALL of these projects could be funded.
Alright internet, that’s my pitch. You’ve got the funds,  the rest is up to you.


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