7 Interesting Patents

Browsing through Google’s patent search engine, we came across a few notable inventions. These patents have been filed within the past few years. Because they’re pretty recent we have yet to see products come from these patents. Rest assured, when these do come to market, they may just make life safer, more convenient and a lot more interesting. Click the patent names for a direct link to the page!

1. Water-Degradable Paper Tubes

We use paper towels and toilet paper on a daily basis. While the sheets themselves may disintegrate easily over time, the cardboard tubes are taking up space in our landfills. This patent hopes to eliminate waste by creating a tube that dissolves upon contact with water. In addition to being a sanitary solution to discarding the cardboard tubes, it aims to be environmentally friendly as well.
2. Self-Defense Flashlight

This device will undoubtedly give the user a greater sense of security while going out at night. Combining a flashlight, a pen and a tissue-sampler into a compact package, this pen-light hybrid may find its way into being another everyday carry item for those who have a can of pepper spray on their keys.At one end of the tube is an LED light source, while the other end contains a sharp point with barbs. If ever one is being attacked, they can use the barbed end to scrape against a perpetrator’s skin and collect a sample of their skin or tissue – invaluable evidence against the violator.

3. Multiple Bullet Ammunition System

Continuing the trend of personal safety, this system patents a muzzle-loaded cartridge attachment using magnets. In essence, the system seeks to add additional sub-caliber projectiles which can be packed down the muzzle of a firearm. These sub-caliber attachments are envisioned to be as lethal as armor piercing rounds, buckshot pellets, pepper spray, tranquilizers and a wide assortment of other projectiles. According to the file, “The multiple bullet ammunition system will increase the likelihood of disabling a target by adding to the number of projectiles sent to the target. For close-in targets, the system will lessen the chance of a projectile passing through the target and causing collateral damage.”
Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do when they come for you?

4. Magnetic Helmet

This invention incorporates magnets into football helmets to reduce the force of head-on collisions between players. In theory, the helmet would sense magnetic fields in close proximity and repel each other to reduce the likelihood of a concussion or other injuries. According to a CNN article, there were 228 diagnosed concussions in the NFL last year. Reports also show that there are an increasing number of retired players who develop memory and cognitive issues due to the strains of the game. Not only will it help future players stave off injury, but it might even extend the average NFL career length for more than 3 years.

5. Motor Cycle Air Conditioning System

Suiting up in full protective motorcycle armor can be a drag – especially if you’re in Southern California in the middle of another scorching summer. This invention aims to make riding during the hot days less miserable by incorporating a personal cooling system into the rider’s suit. If this gets integrated into the protective riding gear, then motorcyclists may actually look forward to wearing full armor. Who says a motorcycle rider should forego creature comforts?

6. Bluetooth v4.0-based Intelligent Electronic Cigarette

This patent covers an electronic cigarette device complete with atomizer, controller and battery. The hardware will include a microcontroller unit and a Bluetooth-based board. The Bluetooth module will be able to transmit data to a mobile app – allowing a user to monitor the simulated tobacco smoking experience.

7. Charging System for an Article of Footwear
This patent, held by Nike, is simply what it sounds like. The shoes will hold a battery which can be charged using this system. It sounds vague, but the applications are broad. Maybe Nike is cooking something up with their FuelBand and is looking to incorporate it into their shoes. But this patent was filed in 2009 – the same year Tinker Hatfield claimed Nike was making a fully functioning replica of Back to the Future’s Air Mag – powerlaces and all. I’ve mentioned the Air Mag previously, but I’m really hoping Nike fulfills its promise to deliver a self-lacing high top next year.


Are there any other patents you’ve found interesting? Let us know in the comments below!

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