7 things I miss about Android

I made the switch. I got the iPhone. I know both sides.

Now, I wish to share my wisdom.

Here are 7 things I miss about  Android.


1. Pop-up option menu

When my mother got her first Android smartphone, the most important piece of advice I had to give her was this: When in doubt, hold down on it.

This is the number one thing I love about Androids. Virtually everything has a drop-down or pop-up menu. When I switched to iPhone this was the feature I missed most.


2. File Manager

If iOS was a car, you’d pop the hood only to see a shiny piece of aluminum covering the internal components and there wouldn’t be a trunk.

On the other hand, with Android everything is accessible. I can understand how, to many users, this would be either useless or too complicated, but for me it’s freedom.


Yeah, you can download with an iPhone. You can download pictures…

I like my downloads, I like my options. I like to be able to save a web page as an HTML file if I want to.

I like to be able to download .DMGs from my phone so they’re downloaded and ready to install when I get home.

The internet has tons of files! So why can’t iPhones download them?

I don’t get it.

4. Easy Media Transfer

iPhone’s not terrible when it comes to media transfer, but all you can access is photos.

Android acts more like a flash drive.

You can create custom folders and even store files that are not compatible with the phone.

This comes in handy when you want to upload files, such as for FTP or a music sharing site, on the go.

5. Removable Storage

Pop ’em in, pop ’em out.

6. Widgets

Widgets are mostly for fun but they can be convenient.


7. Unconfirmed .APK’s

I don’t know what the .APK landscape is like now, but back in the day when I had an Android, I’d find sketchy homebrew APKs ( Android Application Packages) and do sketchy illegal things.

It was awesome.



So while I sit trapped in the iPhone jail and dream of the Open Source think of me when you save a .zip file to your manually created folder.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below

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