Possibly the Worst Product at CES: the Next Bottle

CES had me singing


but this…

…had me singing a different song.

A certain video from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) left me disoriented, confused, distraught.

The subject of that video was the Next Bottle.

My initial thoughts were “surely this bottle is satirical.”

But how often do people design satirical consumer products and exhibit them at CES?



What is this?


Why is this happening?


How do you wash the bottle?

My mind imploded with troubling questions.

Everything I thought I knew about design, consumer products, function and form was deteriorating before my eyes.

But this is a great example for discussing a phenomenon known as “feature creep.”


Feature creep, creeping featurism or featuritis is the ongoing expansion or addition of new features in a product, such as in computer software.

Extra features go beyond the basic function of the product and so can result in over-complication rather than simple design.

Feature creep is often the result of design by committee; trying to cram all ideas in to one design.

The problem is that many features take away from other features.

For example, on the Next Bottle, the electronics eliminate the possibility of dishwasher compatibility and make the bottle uncomfortably big.

Whereas non-electronic amplification could have been utilized at a lower cost both financially and to the form of the bottle.

The phone is held to the bottle by a magnet.

One bump and your precious iPhone is flying towards the ground.

This product goes against everything industrial design strives to accomplish.

It’s lacking in both function and form.

To my surprise, this is not the first bottle of it’s kind, we found this.



The EFFIC has many of the same features, but, in my opinion with a slightly better form factor.

In the end, what’s important to remember is that we don’t need a tech bottle.

A tech bottle will not make your life easier or better in any way.

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