You won’t believe the story behind this image

Yesterday, I was reading when I stumbled upon a concept that I was unfamiliar with: averageness.

It’s not what you might think.

Averageness is the “physical beauty” that is the result of averaging the physical features of members of the same gender and approximate age.


Oddly enough “averageness” was discovered on accident by Francis Galton, a scientist and cousin of Charles Darwin,

when comparing faces of criminals and vegetarians to see if there were any similarities. (I’m serious.)


I decided to throw the gender and age part out the window and see what sort of physical beauty I could produce by 

creating a composite image of all the workers at the design lab.



I had to work around a few issues (glasses and different angles) but I did the best I could.


Here’s the ANDesign crew:



Here’s the composite image:



Are we beautiful?

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