A clever program for eye health maintenance

There are a crazy few individuals who make an unfortunately convincing argument for sun gazing.

However, the dangers of sun gazing are very straightforward.



Impressionable Granola Idiot


Your computer screen is like a really weak sun and you shouldn’t stare at it (Okay, that might not be true.)

But staring at a screen is not good for your eyes.

You know this, we all know this.

But, as any cigarette smoker will tell you, knowing it’s bad for you just ain’t enough.


Remember this kid?

Remember this kid?

That’s why you need to be proactive!

What’s the easiest way to be proactive?

Download a computer program that does the work for you.



This is where Eyescare steps in.

A free program that flashes yucky images on your computer screen every 20 minutes as a reminder for you to GIVE YOUR EYES A BREAK.

Don’t worry, save your Photoshop file or whatever your working on and step away from the computer, it will be there when you get back.

I highly recommend this if you’re working at a computer all day.

It’s available for both MAC and PC here.


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