A Coffee Meetup for Entrepreneurs, VCs and Angel Investors

Are you an ambitious, young entrepreneur with a great idea? Or maybe you’re a seasoned entrepreneur who can offer insight into how you created a successful business from the ground up. If so, you should look into Digsy’s OC Startup Founders Coffee, a weekly meet up group where entrepreneurs, venture capitalists (VCs) and angel investors from Orange County gather to share their experiences building startups, fundraising and exiting companies.


What I liked about the whole set up of the group was how it began with an open forum for members to share any opportunities or struggles they were currently experiencing, and receive feedback and advice from fellow attendees. Following the open forum led by Dipak Shah, founder and CEO of Reliant Solutions, Inc., guest speaker Justin Phan, founder and CEO of PlayMyAd, gave a talk about how he raised a Series A round of funding in Orange County.


Digsy’s OC Startup Founders Coffee was created by Andrew Bermudez, co-founder and CEO of Digsy. The group typically meets every Friday at 8:00 a.m. at the Eureka Building. Also, a light breakfast and coffee is served at every meeting – this was a major plus! If interested in joining the group, you need to apply online, as every member is personally vetted prior to acceptance. Whatever stage you are in, having a network of fellow entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of and learn what was successful or unsuccessful can be a great asset. I highly recommend checking this group out if you’re an entrepreneur in Orange County!

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