Meet Our Designer: Derrick Ramil

Name: Derrick Ramil

Title: Graphic Designer


What inspired you to go into Graphic Design?

“I’ve always been a fan of posters, print layouts/ads, package design and clothing design. I’m also on the computer a lot doing various things (discovering music, getting lost in YouTube world), so graphic design is perfect for me. The aspect that intrigued me the most about graphic design was the fact that there are so many avenues to explore whether it be brand identity, typography, web design, packaging, clothing design, etc…the list goes on. Graphic designers are also the coolest in the design/art world…jk 😀

Before I decided to go with graphic design as a career, I was actually contemplating being a physical therapist, which stemmed from my love for sports (and the countless injuries I’ve suffered over the years haha). The idea of doing art for a living was what ultimately helped me make my decision between the two. I can honestly say I love what I do. It’s not considered work if you’re doing what you love, right? It’s pretty rewarding to see a finished product that is a result of your hard work. Another big part of why I chose graphic design is the fact that it allows me to work with people in every industry you can think of (every company needs a graphic designer at some point).”


What are some of your hobbies?

“Anything sports or music is a big part of my life. Working out, playing/watching hockey, music + dancing, snowboarding, video games, hanging out at the beach, and working on cars are just a few things I enjoy in my free time.”



Fun Fact:

“I spent 8 years of my childhood living in Hawaii.”


Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Designers:

“Never settle. Always strive to better your abilities and expand your knowledge…not only in your craft, but in life as well.”


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