Displate: A Durable Way to Collect Art

Displate.com is a platform that manufactures steel posters (Displates) with printed works of art from various artists ranging from graphic designers to photographers. They also have an option for you to create your own Displate by uploading a picture and allowing you to choose effects to add on to it.

These posters are mounted on the wall by a magnet, making the old hammer and nail bit a thing of the past. This feature also allows you to switch your Displates around:

They favor simplicity when it comes to ordering, receiving and mounting your Displate, which is one of the reasons ANDesign is so intrigued by them. We believe great products make life easier and they’ve definitely hit the mark.

This is the one we chose for our downstairs office:


It came with straightforward instructions which we really appreciate; mounting was extremely simple and we love how it looks in our office.


We can’t wait to get more to fill up our wall!


We’re running a contest for you guys to win this one!


Enter below:

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Good luck and definitely check out Displate!


10 thoughts on “Displate: A Durable Way to Collect Art”

  1. Gaby Montague says:

    Much better than posters.

  2. Oliver Lewis says:

    Those are pretty neat!

  3. chris says:

    beautiful artwork! would look great on any wall

  4. Stella Tjahja says:

    unique and beautiful!

  5. Jesus G. says:

    Great way to change up art in your apartment.

  6. Tipper says:

    looks really good, keep up the good work!

  7. angelo cerantola says:

    I highly recommend Displate metal posters to anyone looking for quality and cool wall art.

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  10. Sean says:

    How is removal and what type of damage does it do to the wall?

    1. ANDesign says:

      No damage to the wall, maybe a little adhesive residue but that’s easy to remove!

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