ANDESIGN at the Getty Villa

When talking about design, it is impossible to forget that much of our understanding of the subject comes from the observation of structures and art pieces from Antiquity. As we toured the Getty Villa we were continuously impressed with the level of craftsmanship and ingenuity we saw in the works of art.

The Getty Villa was modeled after the Villa dei Papiri: a Roman country house in Italy that was buried by a volcanic eruption. It houses art works from the Stone Age all the way until the fall of  the Roman Empire. 

IMG_9342IMG_9286 IMG_9288 IMG_9289 IMG_9236


Here our some of our favorite pieces:


Harp Player

This marble figure is from around 2700-2300 B.C. during the Early Cycladic period.


 Perfume Flask with Lions and an Owl 595-570 B.C.

Perfume Flask with Lions 640-625 B.C.

Both flasks are Greek and made from terracotta.


Rattling Wine Cup

Dating from around 400-300 B.C., this Greek wine cup is made from terracotta and gold.



Made from bronze, this highly decorated Greek helmet was meant for ceremonial purposes and was constructed around 350-300 B.C.


Wall Fragment with a Peacock 

This fresco was created with pigment onto plaster and used to be a part of a whole wall encasing a Roman garden. It dates to about A.D. 70.

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