3D Printed Halloween Mask

We thought we would kick off the spooky season with showing you guys how we can print Halloween masks right here in our office.


First, we found a few masks we wanted to print from Thingiverse and downloaded them. The first one did not have great resolution so it would not print properly. We did, however, set up Andrew’s iPhone 6 in a very high-tech manner in order to create a time lapse video of our MakerBot printing.


ANDesign Lab – 3D Print Time Lapse from ANDesign on Vimeo.


Our second attempt printed really well:

_DSC8805 _DSC8808_DSC8809_DSC8810_DSC8812


The final step was to clean up the print using pliers and sandpaper.


2 thoughts on “3D Printed Halloween Mask”

  1. Mark Doria says:

    Are you guys selling those masks? I think it’s super cool, and I would be down to buy one! Lmk!

    1. Ben Balana says:

      Since we found the design on thingiverse, we cannot take credit for making it or selling it. Although if you knwo someone with a 3D printer you can make your own with this link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:39851

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