A Brief History: The Timeless Design of the KitchenAid Mixer

A kitchen is never complete without the impeccably designed KitchenAid Mixer–whether you’re going for a charming mid-century feel or a sleek-chrome futuristic look, KitchenAid has created a product that will appease a plethora of design aesthetics.

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In 1919, the first mixers became available to the public through door-to-door sales and had a hefty price tag that came along with it. By the 1930’s it had been re-designed to the staple appliance we recognize today.

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Keeping their iconic design throughout the years has not hindered their ingenuity; they have kept their device current by adding a variety of well designed accessories. You’re even able to turn the mixer into juicer.unnamed-2





The fact that this product is such a stable in kitchens everywhere is a perfect example of how great design and quality materials are so important. At ANDESIGN we work towards creating products that embody these ideas, and design clean, interesting items that will continue to appeal to people for years to come.

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