DIY Guy: Dela Buzz Mailer

With the addition of The Dela Chronicles and Designer Profiles we decided that it was time to broaden our audience and spread the word about Dela Buzz. We created a DIY mailer with detailed information about our blog to send out to 50 hand-picked influential people in the media.


From the ANDesign team,

 We hope you all received the poster and that it was a pleasant surprise!


What we used:

  • 50 11”x17” designed posters
  • Sharpie
  • Clear, circular stickers
  • Business cards


Step 1:

  • We designed and printed 50 mailers on 11”x17” poster paper.
  • Then, we numbered them from 1 to 50.

_DSC7591_DSC7573 _DSC7572

Step 2:

  • Cut a slit approximately 8.5” up from the bottom and 1.5” across the middle.
  • Fold in the top two corners toward the center, forming what will be the flap of the envelope.
  • Fold in both sides toward the center.
  • Bring up the bottom to the beginning of the flap, crease. Repeat.
  • Fold over the flap.

_DSC7593 _DSC7596 _DSC7600 _DSC7601_DSC7605 _DSC7607 _DSC7609 _DSC7611 _DSC7614_DSC7615 _DSC7616

Step 3:

  • Open up your folds, insert your business card and then re-fold your envelope.
  • Inset the flap into the slit and sticker it shut.

_DSC7619 _DSC7620 _DSC7622

Step 4:

  • We made labels for our contacts, however, you can hand write them as well.
  • Put a stamp on them and send them out!

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  1. kevin says:

    pls mail to me!

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