DIY Guy: Mason Jar Drinkware

Last year on July 13, 2013, Andrew and Lisa tied the knot and gave out these mason jars with straw holes and everything you need to make sweet tea as a wedding favor!




To commemorate their first anniversary we’ve made this quick DIY project for you. These mason jars are perfect for a summer party or a personalized gift.

What we used:

  • Mason jar and lid
  • Hammer
  • Circle punch
  • Metal letter stamps
  • Scrap wood
  • Decorative straw


Step 1: 

  • Place the flat piece of the lid on the scrap wood.
  • Align your circle punch off to one side on the lid and hammer down once, as hard as your can.


Step 2:

  • Personalize the lid with the metal stamps, hammering in one swift movement.


Step 3:

  • Put the lid back on the jar and put a straw in. You’re done! 


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