DIY Guy: Tees into Tanks

It’s mid-summer, which means it is time for ANDesign to roll up their sleeves–or rather cut them off– and take a break from designing behind a computer screen and get crafty with our tees. This DIY is a quick fix for your creative itch and a useful one for working out and hiking or hitting the beach.


What we used: 

  • Oversized t-shirt 
  • Sheers
  • Fabric glue
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Sharpie (optional)





  •  Measure 4” down from the bottom of each arm seam, mark, and then again 2” out from the necklines and connect the marks. (You can skip this step if you think you can cut it freehand.)
  • Cut through both sides of the shirt.
  • You’re done!





  • Lay the shirt face down and cut a deep neckline only through the back side–depending on how low you want the bow. 
  • Cut a strip about 2×4” with the excess fabric.
  • Cut a horizontal line through the back of the shirt approximately 6” down from the new neckline.
  • Pinch the top piece together and wrap the 2×4” strip around it, sealing with the fabric glue. Let dry.
  • Cut the front neckline as low as you’d like.
  • For a tighter bow: Cut the bottom side strips and tie in a knot. Trim excess fabric.
  • Cut the bottom seam off.
  • Done!



Have fun!


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