ANDesign Wins 2013 International Design Award for MŌD Powerkit



(LOS ANGELES) On July 1, 2014, ANDesign claimed third place in the “Other Products” design category for the International Design Awards. The team created the MŌD Powerkit, an easy-to-use electronic cigarette device.

This annual competition recognizes honors and promotes legendary design visionaries and uncovers emerging talents in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic and Fashion Design on global level. IDA honorary juries examined over 1000 entries submitted by architects and designers of interiors, fashion, products, and graphics from 52 countries throughout the world.

The squad behind the MōD Powerkit consists of Principal Designer Andrew Namminga, industrial designers, Vic Pramono, Felix Danishwara, Rian Carlo Abraham and graphic designer Derrick Ramil. After passing the rigorous judging process, they will each receive recognition for their work in the International Design Awards Book of Designs. The coveted IDA Trophy will be presented to each of them at the official International Design Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles. The ANDesign team’s MŌD Powerkit will receive publication of their achievements in the International Design Awards Book of Designs.

“It’s a gratifying feeling to know that other designers appreciate the work we are doing with MŌD,” said Andrew Namminga, CEO of ANDesign. “We continually strive to push the limits of technology while focusing on the design as a core feature of the product.”

MōD Powerkit is a user-centric designed e-cigarette created to take the cumbersome practices out of the equation, for those who choose to vape. In early 2013, our eyes were opened to the grassroots development of the e-cigarette industry, and we quickly noticed all the inconveniences and industry short comings that needed to be addressed.

Vaping devices in the industry are round and easily roll off counters and desks, so we used a square design to stay put. Each electronic cigarette device uses different charging methods, which are not interchangeable. Charging required laying the device on its side to plug into the bottom, which can cause the e-liquid inside to leak out and make a mess. To overcome that, we answered with a conductive charging base/stand that holds the device upright while being powered via micro USB. We also included a micro USB port on the side of the device itself, so the user can charge without the base.

The last major drawback dealt with filling up the juice reservoir. Normally, one would have to remove the tank in order to access the fill port at the bottom (where the tank threads onto the battery). So we addressed that with a top filling, bottom coil tank that allows users to simply remove the mouth piece and drip juice with minimal hassle. For the finish, we chose a high quality soft touch paint to give the user a comfortable, yet sophisticated feel the moment they hold it in their hands.

“As the MōD brand grows, we will be developing and launching many new exciting products in the electronic cigarette space,” said Andrew Namminga. “Our vision for MōD is to influence and effectively generate a new revolution in e-cigarette technology and be a leader in the industry by creating our own completely unique products of exceptional quality and design. We want to improve the way these products are perceived by the mainstream.”

Founded in 2007, ANDESIGN is a fully integrated product design firm committed to helping companies design, engineer and deliver exceptional products. Our passionate team of designers and engineers use every tool in their arsenal to enhance user experience and brand integrity. Utilizing both our creative skills and manufacturing knowledge, we are dedicated to providing innovative and efficient product development solutions that reflect our clients’ values and needs. We believe that great design embraces new technology while retaining the traditional values of impeccable craftsmanship, authenticity and customer service. We believe that truly exceptional products enhance experiences by making things a little easier and a lot more exciting. Our mission is to provide businesses and individuals with first-class product design services and solutions that leverage client’s position in today’s competitive market. We are committed to building client value through our technical and creative expertise, continuous innovation and efficiency. We are a scalable organization that is committed to revolutionary design that enhances the user experience.

ANDesign Contact:
Jacquelyn Leyva
PR and Social Media Specialist
130 McCormick Ave, #107
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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