ATTN HIPPIES: VW’s Self-Driving, Electric Mini Bus

It seems as if every car manufacturer now is working to becoming an electric vehicle maker. 

Volkswagen launched the ID, the first vehicle in a new family of electric vehicles using its Modular Electric Drive Kit E.V. platform.

It won’t be arriving until 2020, by which time Tesla might be on its second-gen Model 3 EV. Volkswagen is hoping to be the industry leading electric vehicle manufacture and selling over 3 million by 2025.

mini bus
One way of not losing out on die-hard fans is to revive an old classic and bring it up to date.

While the company has teased electric reincarnations of the iconic VW bus before, the company’s latest mini bus concept, the I.D. Buzz, is the first to go all out with a fully autonomous driving mode.

Depending on the battery package a power train, the I.D battery pack will allow up to 357 miles on a charge and will go 0-60 in 8 seconds.

When the US government has filed a civil suit against you because your vehicles violated emissions laws, it’s a good idea to start showing off some electric vehicles. That’s exactly what Volkswagen has done during its CES keynote. – ENGADGET

First VW EV Model 

Previously, VW debuted their new E.V. platform at the Paris Auto Show in late September 2016.

mini bus

That’s exactly what Volkswagen has done during its CES keynote. The company showed off the BUDD-e new concept bus that’s packed with technology and like all concept car.

However, just a few days after CES, VW unveiled the same Internet-of-things and self driving, electric capabilities to a revamped I.D. Buzz, the new and improved mini bus.

It seats 8 people, none of which have to ever touch the wheel.

mini bus

While the idea of an autonomous VolksWagen mini bus might bring to mind a picture of a vehicle piloting itself to some “local’s only” surf spot along the west coast as the passengers sit back in a smoke-filled cabin, it could be integral to the role in the on-demand ridesharing network Volkswagen aims to build.

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