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The Golden Age of Commercials

One particular topic I’ve always been interested in is advertising. I love a good commercial and I seriously hate a bad one. It’s always intrigued me how a business can either capture your attention or completely alienate you over the course of a minute or less. The internet


A clever program for eye health maintenance

There are a crazy few individuals who make an unfortunately convincing argument for sun gazing. However, the dangers of sun gazing are very straightforward.     Your computer screen is like a really weak sun and you shouldn’t stare at it (Okay, that might not


How to Meet Year End Ship Dates

If you’re working on a new product there are a multitude of obstacles you need to overcome. If you’re planning on manufacturing overseas you have to consider Chinese New Year and how it affects manufacturing and shipping. Did you know that the factories in China


F518 Idea Land: ANDesign’s new office in Shenzhen

F518 Idea Land was established in 2007 as part of China’s eleventh Five-Year Plan to make Shenzhen stronger through the development of its culture. Through merging both the creative and industrialization, F518 Idea Land hopes to flourish as a hub for art, design, and digital media


Best of Rapid 3D Printing Expo: LULZBOT

This week we went to the Rapid 3D Printing Expo. We visited many exceptional booths but one that stood out particularly was the LULZBOT booth. Initially, because LULZ. I had to ask, and yes, the name refers to the LULZ you’re thinking of. But there’s a


Babycase protects your phone and your child.

This is the world we live in. Unfortunately, phone case manufacturers have failed to address the fact that their cases might end up in the mouths of our beloved young ones. Many of the popular cases we use on our phones and tablets contain toxic


Sili Squeeze Wins IDA ’14 Product Design Bronze Award

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