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OC Auto Show 2015

This past weekend, I was able to attend the OC Auto Show. This was my first time attending the event at the Anaheim Convention Center. I was a little let down by the relatively small size of the show compared to the LA counterpart. Despite


Treeline Woodworks x ANDesign

Last week, the office took a trip to Treeline Woodworks to pick up our finished furniture. Because of the massive meeting tables, we had to rent a UHaul truck just to get everything down to Newport Beach in one trip! Upon walking into the office,


Treeline Woodworks Update #3

Our tables are finally coming together!   When speaking to Ad, he had mentioned that these pieces of wood came from Iowa. It’s pretty wild to think that these tables started as trees growing in who knows where, got chopped shipped and built in Iowa for


Treeline Woodworks Update #2

I stopped by Treeline again yesterday to bother Ad for just a few minutes. He was kind enough to show me around the shop to get a glimpse at our chair. Before that, I had to wade through the shop which was thick with sawdust per


Treeline Woodworks: Update #1

I took another visit to Treeline Woodworks today to see the progress on our new furniture. I met Ad Sachan, the instigator behind Treeline Woodworks. He gave me a quick tour around the premise. First we visited the metal shop, which was just a few


Treeline Woodworks: A Preview

AN Design will be moving to a new office in Newport Beach in less than two weeks. New office means new furniture. Principal Designer & Founder Andrew Namminga has been hunting for cool, unique pieces to furnish the new office space.     In the search,


MOCA Grand Avenue: Sturtevant Exhibit

The MOCA at Grand Avenue has an ongoing retrospective of the works of Elain Sturtevant, simply known as “Sturtevant” to those in the art world. In 1964, Sturtevant began by making her own interpretations of artworks by her contemporaries. She would mimic the techniques, methods