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10 Most Iconic Industrial Designs

Today, March 5th, is the first annual National Industrial Design Day. In honor of the new national holiday I’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most iconic industrial designs. To illustrate just how iconic these designs are I’ve created 10 accompanying line drawings that,


7 things I miss about Android

I made the switch. I got the iPhone. I know both sides. Now, I wish to share my wisdom. Here are 7 things I miss about  Android.   1. Pop-up option menu When my mother got her first Android smartphone, the most important piece of


Must Share: Parrot’s Affordable Drones

If you’re like me and you’d love a drone, but you’re not willing to fork out over a grand to have one, then Parrot has the products for you. They have a diverse selection of affordable drones with unique sets of capabilities. The Rolling Spider – $99.99


Braindance: NeuroScience, Graphic Design, and Music Braindance is a multidisciplinary project. The creators used EEG and graphic design to create a visual representation of how a user feels and is affected by music. With the help of BlackBox, 20 volunteers’s brainwaves were measured while listening to a piece of music


Virtual Reality: Then and Now

Qantas is killin’ it. Virtual Reality: What a great way to get your mind off the horrifying reality of air travel. But will it make you extra airsick?  The buzz about Virtual Reality has grown exponentially since the Oculus rift was bought by Facebook in