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Fall by Design: Products to get This Season

Fall isn’t all about pumpkin everything–though some may disagree–it is, however, the perfect time to experience the outdoors. We’re making sure you stay well equipped with some of the products we’re looking at for the Harvest season. 1. Handpresso Outdoor Set Hybrid 2. Harveys Berkeley

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AN Takes Austin: South Austin Gallery & Laguna Gloria

We stayed at an exceptionally well decorated house we found on Airbnb for the week we were in Austin. When we asked about some of the items, Angel–the owner of the house–directed us to South Austin Gallery. They photograph noteworthy sightings around Austin and then print


DIY Guy: Fan

  We’ve made a quick DIY fan from some office scraps due to the wave of heat that has swept over our area.   What we used: Multiple colors of cardstock (we used an old mailer of ours for the fan) Gator board Glue X-acto knife


Define Bottle Wins At NY Now

Define bottle has won the Kitchen Preparation category at NY Now. Here’s the link to the article for a list of all the winners: A little more on NY Now:


AN Takes Austin: Revival

As we were on our way back from checking out property on the outskirts of Austin we came across a fantastic furniture and novelty shop. Revival is your one stop shop for all things eclectic, with everything ranging from succulents and flasks to antique doors and


DIY Guy: Dela Buzz Mailer

With the addition of The Dela Chronicles and Designer Profiles we decided that it was time to broaden our audience and spread the word about Dela Buzz. We created a DIY mailer with detailed information about our blog to send out to 50 hand-picked influential people in


Core 77 Dinner in Austin

Earlier this month ANDesign attended a Core 77 private dinner during the IDSA Conference in Austin, Texas. The event took place at Eden East: a weekend restaurant at Springdale Farm, taking the idea of “farm-to-table” even a step fresher. We meandered around the farm (and the Airstream bar)


Designer Interview: Shane Geil

Shane Geil is a local toy designer and teacher, although you may also find him exploring forbidden jungles and avant-garde establishments. Most of his work, such as Hello Maggot and Bandage and Scab are meant to invoke a sense of familiarity in the strange and unusual. Shane’s inherent


PowerPole: Battery Integrated GoPro Extension Pole

Our friends over at Polar Pro have a new project up on Kickstarter! The PowerPole is the world’s first GoPro accessory to combine a mounting pole with built-in extra battery life, eradicating the hassle of carrying excess gear with you wherever your adventures may take you. Complete with