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DRU : Pizzas & Robots

Domino’s Pizza has unveiled what is being called the “world’s first commercial autonomous delivery vehicle,” which debuted by delivering pizza to people in Australia. Although, it is expected be launched globally within the upcoming six months. The DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit) has been developed in collaboration

Nike Innovation Summit 2016

Nike Unveils “Adaptive Laces”

Marty McFly’s dreams are finally coming true with the new HyperAdapt 1.0. Although, hover boards now do exist, they aren’t exactly the hover boards predicted in Back-to-the-Future. Nike CEO Mark Paker unveiled new self-tying “Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing” technology at the Nike Innovation 2016 event


Design & Violence

What started as a website and digital gallery to catalogue the history, design and uses of some of humanity’s most violent gadgets has now become a captivating book. The book, Violence and Design, by Museum of Modern Art New York Curator Paola Antonelli, and design

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LA Zine Fest

Zine-making is an experience for people existing outside of the mainstream; proving printed matter still matters. Zines embody a DIY spirit, especially when self-printed, that unites all who make them and it’s readers. The word of the day : “Indie”. There was no way to get through the


Donated to LACMA : Goldstein House

Hollywood native, fashion enthusiast and friend to the stars, James Goldstein, has officially announced that he’ll soon donate his famous Beverly Hills mansion to the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art.  Although, it may be a little easier to wait for LACMA to host a


Digital Dilemma: Apple vs. FBI

If Apple gives the FBI a software that allows them to bypass security, Apple fears their customers privacy are at a foreshadowed risk.  What do you think Apple should do? By creating such software, the US could potentially solve a bigger problem. How does this