The Bass Egg Turns Any Surface in to a Speaker

This year we attended NAMM and saw tons of interesting new music equipment.

One speaker specifically stood out. The Bass Egg.

It’s hard to take in what you’re seeing (and hearing) at NAMM because there’s so much going on around you.

Of all the things I saw, I found myself most impressed by the Bass Egg (probably because I was so disappointed by the new music equipment).

The Bass Egg turns any hard surface into a speaker.


We tried it on multiple surfaces and, of course, there are limitations.

It won’t work on soft surfaces like carpet.

It won’t work on your hand or your body.

It won’t work on concrete.

and I’m presuming it won’t work on grass.

But, those surfaces aside, there are plenty of places you can stick this thing!

I’m not bothered by it’s limitations because the sound is so good.

It’s loud, it’s rich, it stood out in a noisy room.

You can get Bass Egg at their Website for $99.95












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