Best Airport Purchase Ever

As you may know, Delabuzz is the in-house blog for the industrial design firm ANDesign.

Earlier this month, our CEO and principal designer Andrew Namminga went to Shenzhen to check up with the ANDesign China team.

On his flight home he discovered a product that he couldn’t stop raving about.


He was so impressed with the product, before hopping on the plane back from China, he e-mailed me saying “we need to blog about this thing!”

So here we are.

After getting my hands on it, I remember having heard of it and wanting one.

I can confirm that this thing is delightful. It’s as soft as you could ever want.

It breaths , so it’s comfortable for long periods of time. You can lean on its front, back, and both sides.

Essentially, this is a near-perfect travel pillow.




I say near-perfect because there’s an OSTRITCHPILLOW ® Original that looks like it just might be a step up from this.

Either way, if you’ve got a long flight, drive, or train ride coming up, definitely consider ordering this.

Andrew says this is the “best airport purchase” he’s ever made.

Special thanks to Ben Balana for being my model!

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