Best of Rapid 3D Printing Expo: LULZBOT

This week we went to the Rapid 3D Printing Expo.

We visited many exceptional booths but one that stood out particularly was the LULZBOT booth.

Initially, because LULZ. I had to ask, and yes, the name refers to the LULZ you’re thinking of.

But there’s a lot more to this company than a catchy name.



LULZBOT has an affordable price point, it’s open source, and it’s prints are damn good.

So good, you’re able to print replacement parts for the LULZBOT with the LULZBOT.

This isn’t a unique feature of the LULZBOT but it’s certainly a valuable one.

They’ve also teamed up with N-Vent and other companies to provide a wide variety of printing materials.





The LULZBOT offers two models:

The LULZBOT Mini and the TAZ.





The Mini goes for $1,350 and the TAZ for $2,200 making both viable option for the consumer/prosumer level enthusiast.

One of the coolest things we saw at the LULZBOT booth was the NINJAFLEX material.

It’s a flexible 3D printed material, that’s so strong the guys at LULZBOT were happy to challenge me to try and give it a tear.

Here’s a video of NINJAFLEX in action:


Learn more about LULZBOT and order one at their website.






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