Calling for Comments: Everyone seems to despise vaping. Do you, and why? (A Market Study)

I was intrigued by electronic cigarettes from the moment I first encountered them.

The first type of e-cigs to hit the market were called cig-a-likes.

I bought my first in ~2010. The brand was “greensmartliving.”

These things essentially tasted like fog machine liquid (I’m sure the majority of the flavor came from propylene glycol.)


Over the years, e-cigs evolved.

The next step was the e-go style tank system.

Something like this:


These refillable tanks created a market for high-flavor and DIY e-liquid.

The flavor selection transformed from basic flavors like cherry, tobacco, and menthol to gummy bear, skittles, and lemon cake.

Then Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers & Sub-Ohming happened:


This is when vaping became really, honestly, delicious, the flavor selection transformed yet again towards more complex dessert flavors,

the nicotine delivery became most effective, and at the same time, the public seemed to really start hating vaping.

I say this based off of my personal experience working in the industry and generally as a citizen of social media.

We started seeing anti-vaping memes. Our brand’s social accounts received negative comments.

As a marketer, I was tasked with sharing vaping information with the public.

Whenever I told someone about my job I was regularly met with a handful of misguided responses.

Most of those responses were based on sensational news segments.

I’m NOT saying vaping is cool, or safe, or anything.

I’m saying the public backlash against it is disproportionate to it’s overall neutral-or-positive impact on society.

Really, though, why does anyone who doesn’t vape have an opinion on it?



The incredibly ill-informed debates ensued.

In one corner:

“You know that’s more dangerous than smoking.”

“You’re still smoking”

“There’s no science on that”

In the other:

“It’s 98% safer than smoking.”


Well, there is some  science.

But no, there’s no way to quantify vaping’s safety as opposed to smoking.



Arguments aside, I’m primarily interested in the public opinion on vaping.

Do you hate it? If so, Why?

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