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DIY GUY: Crafting an Inspo Board

Sometimes inspo is hard to come by…. Inspo is everywhere. A rule of thumb, just do it, whatever it is you do! On the daily! This past week over at ANDesign Lab, I took some photos of industrial designers creating a pin-up-board (PUB) from scratch


DIY Self-Sustained Solo Cup Hydroponic Kit for AeroGarden Seed Pods

It all started out as part of a proposal for a science grant…but the ball kept rolling even after ANDesign Lab’s drought-adaptive garden sensor proposal was submitted. Just like that–the next idea struck–a DIY Self-Sustained Hydroponic Kit for AeroGarden Seed Pods. List of tools:  Plastic Cups


How to Fix a Damaged Headphone Cable

Two weeks ago my girlfriend came home with a kitten. I could not have been any more excited. However, he’s a bit of a biter. So much so, that he chewed through a cable on my monitoring headphones.       So I asked Rian,


Motion Aftereffect

Have you ever stared out of a moving car and seen the world differently? Blurred. How ’bout conversely, when sitting in a standstill car and seeing the car beside you move…you’re moving? That, dear friends, is a motion aftereffect. Or perhaps, you’ve watched one of those trippy videos

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LA Zine Fest

Zine-making is an experience for people existing outside of the mainstream; proving printed matter still matters. Zines embody a DIY spirit, especially when self-printed, that unites all who make them and it’s readers. The word of the day : “Indie”. There was no way to get through the


Our Plant Tweets Us When It Needs Water: How We Did It

OUR PLANT TWEETS Here’s how the story begins: On December 9th, 2014 Ben Balana and Cooper Carrasco assembled an Ethernet enabled humidity sensor for plants. The sensor is configured to Tweet when the humidity level is too low and the plant needs to be watered.


3D Printed Halloween Mask

We thought we would kick off the spooky season with showing you guys how we can print Halloween masks right here in our office. First, we found a few masks we wanted to print from Thingiverse and downloaded them. The first one did not have great resolution


DIY Guy: Clipboards

What we used: Clipboards Pen Decorative paper Cutting board X-acto knife Matte Mod Podge Paint brush Step 1:  Clip the paper onto the board and cut the length of the clip. Take out the paper and cut a line in the center above the cut you


DIY Guy: Fan

  We’ve made a quick DIY fan from some office scraps due to the wave of heat that has swept over our area.   What we used: Multiple colors of cardstock (we used an old mailer of ours for the fan) Gator board Glue X-acto knife