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DIY Guy: Dela Buzz Mailer

With the addition of The Dela Chronicles and Designer Profiles we decided that it was time to broaden our audience and spread the word about Dela Buzz. We created a DIY mailer with detailed information about our blog to send out to 50 hand-picked influential people in


DIY Guy: Travel Roll & Introducing “AN Takes Austin”

ANDesign has decided to travel to Austin, Texas to indulge in the city’s wide range of live music played at almost every establishment, it’s array of art and design, and, of course, the incredibly delicious food. We will be posting “AN Takes Austin” blogs over the

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DIY Guy: Paracord Bracelet

What we used: 550 Paracord Paracord Bracelet Clips (optional) Scissors Lighter Step 1: Measure out 7-8 ft of paracord. It doesn’t have to be exact. Having too much paracord is better than not having enough. *Optional: melt and shape the frayed end so it’s easier

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DIY Guy: Tees into Tanks

It’s mid-summer, which means it is time for ANDesign to roll up their sleeves–or rather cut them off– and take a break from designing behind a computer screen and get crafty with our tees. This DIY is a quick fix for your creative itch and


DIY Guy: Mason Jar Drinkware

Last year on July 13, 2013, Andrew and Lisa tied the knot and gave out these mason jars with straw holes and everything you need to make sweet tea as a wedding favor! To commemorate their first anniversary we’ve made this quick DIY project for


DIY Guy: 4th of July Matchboxes

These DIY Matchboxes are perfect for a 4th of July party or, in our case, a little favor for our clients. What we used:  designed print-outs  matchboxes ruler x-acto knife cutting mat pens scrap paper a book Step 1:  Create your artwork… The artwork we


DIY Guy: Father’s Day Card & Events on Sunday

Father’s Day is this Sunday! Here’s our tutorial for a quick DIY card for your dad. Also, we added some local events to go to at the bottom of the page. Music by Hannah Ku- JT.UKE.MEDLEY SoundCloud Wet Your Appetite What we used: Cardstock Scissors

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DIY Guy: Cord Wrap

You guys may remember our DIY Guy: Cable Holder but we wanted to make a single cord wrap since we don’t always carry around multiple cords. What we used:  Sewing machine Cotton fabric Fusible interfacing Self-adhesive velcro Step 1:  Make a pattern: we made ours


DIY Candles

Mother’s Day is on Sunday so we thought we’d share a quick DIY project for you to make. In the process we decided to make some molds and create our own candles. DIY tea cup candle for Mother’s Day What we used:  Candle making kit


Egg Designs

ANDesign decided we should do our own take on “Easter Eggs.” What we used: Wooden eggs Acrylic Paint Brushes Pencil Sharpie We even 3D printed one egg and some designs to mold onto a couple of the other eggs. Here’s how they turned out! Have