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DIY Self-Sustained Solo Cup Hydroponic Kit for AeroGarden Seed Pods

It all started out as part of a proposal for a science grant…but the ball kept rolling even after ANDesign Lab’s drought-adaptive garden sensor proposal was submitted. Just like that–the next idea struck–a DIY Self-Sustained Hydroponic Kit for AeroGarden Seed Pods. List of tools:  Plastic Cups

TURF 9-holes

This is LA: TURF war

Materials & Applications‘s mini-golf project: TURF by nine architects, designers and artists considered topics relevant to Los Angeles today— including all aspects of topography and terrain, drought and lawns, parking and traffic, nature and neighborhood, housing typologies and identity — to create relevant obstacles in the form

Pershing Square Proposal 3

Pershing Square Renew — How the Drought Plays a Role

We’ve covered architectural projects taking place in Los Angeles in an older post, Designing LA, but as of recent, Pershing Square has officially unveiled the winning design team.  One of L.A.’s oldest public spaces, Pershing Square, was announced as a public space in 1866.  


Bet you Can’t Recognize Any of These Computers

It’s been ages since the laptop overcame desktop PC’s…although, who knows where the wonders of tablet-computers will be in the years to come.  In 1946 the world’s first computer, ENIAC, was created: a colossal machine whose sole purpose was to solve numerical equations. Generations later, we’ve


Industrial Design : Office Essentials

In order to fulfill the dreams of our clients, and create timeless product, we need all the right equipment suitable  for industrial design. Even down to the players, but that’s another story. We’ll talk about desk essentials and industrial design secrets. What exactly is it that allows industrial designers



3D printing is old news with how accessible and more affordable 3D printers have become. Despite this, 3D printing is revolutionizing the fashion industry by providing fashion designers the ability to create visual effects with their designs that otherwise could not have been realized. Van


Design & Violence

What started as a website and digital gallery to catalogue the history, design and uses of some of humanity’s most violent gadgets has now become a captivating book. The book, Violence and Design, by Museum of Modern Art New York Curator Paola Antonelli, and design