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Gumii Day 1 Edits-3

Manufacturing Your Design Career

“What a day. What a time. Design and all it stands for and how it’s helped me succeed. Here’s how I’m manufacturing my career.” On Thursday, February 2nd 2017, CEO of ANDesign Lab, Andrew Namminga was invited to be the opening speaker for the Duncan


Equity Investments — The New Crowdfunding

Would you invest 100$ into a crowdfunding start-up? Sure. But, how helpful is that as an investor? Translating an innovative concept into a thriving business is a complicated and unpredictable proposition. Traditional banks are often reluctant to fund vulnerable startups with what they perceive as unproven ideas. Considering


Daydreamin’ w/ Google

As if Google wasn’t already in the news; Or virtual reality for that matter.  With the merge of new technologies for virtual and augmented reality hitting the markets sooner-rather-than-later, Google has hit the forefront running–debuting their own VR software and headset: Daydream. Google is not



Smart phones, smart watches and smart homes; what will be next? Well, obviously smart guitars. Mind Music Labs has created Sensus, the world’s first ‘real’ smart guitar. It takes features from your traditional guitar and combines it with wireless connectivity, allowing it to receive, process



The amount of trash we throw away is growing exponentially. World Bank urban development specialist Dan Hoornweg estimates that by 2100 the world will be producing three times the amount of waste it does today. There is a growing concern surrounding the world’s garbage issue,


Crowdfunding Culture

As many may know, through our sponsor company, ANDesignLab, a full-serviced industrial design agency, we’ve analyzed innumerable crowd funded campaigns in order to curate some of our own. So, then, who provides the very best platform for the fundamental features of crowdfunding? Personally, if you are looking


Lunar Eclipse: October 8, 2014

On Wednesday, October 8th we (in California along with other parts of the world) will be able to witness a total lunar eclipse. What is a Total Lunar Eclipse? This particular type of eclipse is when the moon passes through the Umbra–the shadow of the Earth–preventing


iPort & ANDESIGN Collaboration

November 6th 2013 – Costa Mesa, CA – ANDESIGN announces its collaboration of Industrial Design and Mechanical Design with iPort on “Charge Case and Stand”. iPort’s Charge Case and Stand is a whole new way to use an iPad.  Integrating iPad with a charging case, adjustable


Happy birthday to Raymond Loewy!

At ANDESIGN, our inspiration for design comes from many places, especially from the pioneers of our industry. Industrial Design started in the in the early 1920’s  but was really brought to light by post World War 2 designers like Raymond Lowey.  Today we are celebrating


First Class Design // Luxury Aircraft Interiors

Singapore Airlines announced their collaboration with BMW Group Designworks USA in designing their new first class cabin interior for ultimate comfort. The updated design will debut this September on board the new Boeing 777.  We can’t help but wonder, did the duo improve any of