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Everyone by now has heard of Coolest Cooler, the second largest Kickstarter campaign and biggest fail. Coolest comes complete with a high-performance blender, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, USB charger, LED lid light, cooler divider/cutting board, bottle opener, reusable plastic plates and a ceramic knife – I


How to Meet Year End Ship Dates

If you’re working on a new product there are a multitude of obstacles you need to overcome. If you’re planning on manufacturing overseas you have to consider Chinese New Year and how it affects manufacturing and shipping. Did you know that the factories in China


iCar: Apple’s secret project

There’s been a lot of talk about Apple’s project “Titan.” It’s rumored that hundreds of Apple employees are working on the project, that Apple is poaching employees from Tesla, that the car may be self driving, and so much more. Apple has not directly commented


Possibly the Worst Product at CES: the Next Bottle

CES had me singing but this… …had me singing a different song. A certain video from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) left me disoriented, confused, distraught. The subject of that video was the Next Bottle. My initial thoughts were “surely this bottle is satirical.” But how


A Brief History: The Timeless Design of the KitchenAid Mixer

A kitchen is never complete without the impeccably designed KitchenAid Mixer–whether you’re going for a charming mid-century feel or a sleek-chrome futuristic look, KitchenAid has created a product that will appease a plethora of design aesthetics. In 1919, the first mixers became available to the

Photo by Phandroid

Tech News: HTC RE

The HTC RE is a handheld, waterproof camera created to eliminate the frustration of dealing with multiple clicks between the photo and video modes on your phone. This mini one-button, point-and-shoot camera was deigned to fit in your hand perfectly; there is no power button, however, a


Fall by Design: Products to get This Season

Fall isn’t all about pumpkin everything–though some may disagree–it is, however, the perfect time to experience the outdoors. We’re making sure you stay well equipped with some of the products we’re looking at for the Harvest season. 1. Handpresso Outdoor Set Hybrid 2. Harveys Berkeley


PowerPole: Battery Integrated GoPro Extension Pole

Our friends over at Polar Pro have a new project up on Kickstarter! The PowerPole is the world’s first GoPro accessory to combine a mounting pole with built-in extra battery life, eradicating the hassle of carrying excess gear with you wherever your adventures may take you. Complete with


10 Products for an Epic Summer

This Saturday, June 21st, is the first official day of summer. To ensure you’re prepared for the longest day of the year and the exciting months that follow we’ve comprised a list of our favorite products for summertime.   Keep Hydrated. For those day hikes and