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My 3 Year Old iPhone 5s Works Better Than Ever

I’ve seen countless articles about iOS updates breaking iPhones. Here’s the opening line from a Huffington Post article: Ever wonder why your iPhone seems to slow down after a few years? Why the once-amazing device gets cranky and struggles to perform basic tasks or load


3 Keys to Desk-job Health

Here are 3 things you’ll definitely do, but might forget to do consciously, during long days at the desk. 1. Breathe – for your respiratory system. I can’t stress this enough. You might be breathing properly, but I doubt it. (It’s about as likely as


DIY Self-Sustained Solo Cup Hydroponic Kit for AeroGarden Seed Pods

It all started out as part of a proposal for a science grant…but the ball kept rolling even after ANDesign Lab’s drought-adaptive garden sensor proposal was submitted. Just like that–the next idea struck–a DIY Self-Sustained Hydroponic Kit for AeroGarden Seed Pods. List of tools:  Plastic Cups

TURF 9-holes

This is LA: TURF war

Materials & Applications‘s mini-golf project: TURF by nine architects, designers and artists considered topics relevant to Los Angeles today— including all aspects of topography and terrain, drought and lawns, parking and traffic, nature and neighborhood, housing typologies and identity — to create relevant obstacles in the form


Office Getaway : ANDesign in Africa

The second financial quarter is already underway…we understand the stress that comes with running a business. Believe us. Working in the creative industry isn’t as easy as it may look. Our clients are well educated on product analytics; so going above and beyond is depleting;


Best of Los Angeles Auto Show 2016

This year’s LA Auto Show was a little lackluster compared to previous years. There were notable debuts from Alfa Romeo and Fiat. But I was much more attracted to the classics that they brought out to stand next to the current counterparts.   I started


Treeline Woodworks x ANDesign

Last week, the office took a trip to Treeline Woodworks to pick up our finished furniture. Because of the massive meeting tables, we had to rent a UHaul truck just to get everything down to Newport Beach in one trip! Upon walking into the office,


You won’t believe the story behind this image

Yesterday, I was reading when I stumbled upon a concept that I was unfamiliar with: averageness. It’s not what you might think. Averageness is the “physical beauty” that is the result of averaging the physical features of members of the same gender and approximate age.