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Grand Park, Los Angeles: One Year Later

The first half of this post was from September 4, 2014. The park was still about halfway finished – there was no splash pad or play place. Please scroll on past until the “UPDATE”  This past Labor Day Weekend, I attended the Made in America


Treeline Woodworks Update #2

I stopped by Treeline again yesterday to bother Ad for just a few minutes. He was kind enough to show me around the shop to get a glimpse at our chair. Before that, I had to wade through the shop which was thick with sawdust per


Treeline Woodworks: Update #1

I took another visit to Treeline Woodworks today to see the progress on our new furniture. I met Ad Sachan, the instigator behind Treeline Woodworks. He gave me a quick tour around the premise. First we visited the metal shop, which was just a few


Treeline Woodworks: A Preview

AN Design will be moving to a new office in Newport Beach in less than two weeks. New office means new furniture. Principal Designer & Founder Andrew Namminga has been hunting for cool, unique pieces to furnish the new office space.     In the search,


Best of Rapid 3D Printing Expo: LULZBOT

This week we went to the Rapid 3D Printing Expo. We visited many exceptional booths but one that stood out particularly was the LULZBOT booth. Initially, because LULZ. I had to ask, and yes, the name refers to the LULZ you’re thinking of. But there’s a


Best of Rapid 3D Printing Expo 2015: Mcor IRIS

When most people imagine what 3D printing is, they probably have an image of a full color model in their heads. The reality is, most consumer 3D printers can only print in one color. They also use a specific type of plastic filament that usually


Best of Rapid 3D Printing Expo 2015: 3D Systems

Upon entering the showroom floor, we were greeted by one of the biggest players in 3D Printing: 3D Systems. Without a doubt, 3D Systems had the best booth in the show. They displayed their ProX 200 printer. This hulking piece of machinery had a relatively


ANdesign at Imaginology: Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead

This past weekend, ANDesign attended the 36th annual Imaginology event. We got to share the field of industrial design with youngsters from all around Southern California. In case you haven’t heard, the S.T.E.A.M movement is the creative’s answer to the traditional S.T.E.M (science, technology, engineering