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Tinker Hatfield: Architect turned Shoe Designer

Most people wouldn’t consider shoes to be anything more than protection for their feet. In the past few years, we have seen the rise of the sneakerhead movement.  These “sneakerheads” will line up outside of a Foot Locker or boutique store for days or even

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The Solar State

California is home to gorgeous coastlines, rugged mountains and plenty of sunshine almost yearlong.  The state is also arguably one of the most environmentally conscious landscapes when it comes to using alternative energy. In fact, the Gov. Jerry Brown passed legislation that would require 33%


Alexander Calder: Father of the Mobile

Remember those dangling toys that would spin above your crib while you were an infant? They’re called mobiles.  We were all too young to remember our first interaction with them, but they have found their place as a popular toy for nurseries. Now used to

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Makers are Designers, too!

Here at ANDesign, we like to share unique ideas – anything that may inspire individuals to dive into the world of design. With the rise of sites such as Etsy and Pinterest, people have rediscovered the joy of crafting and reimagining everyday items. Couple this


From Vinyl to Virtual

Here at Dela Buzz, our team of industrial designers and engineers are hard at work creating prototypes and concepts for clients. The ambiance is filled with clacking keyboards and mouse clicks. Now that it is summer, music festival is in full swing. Countless music lovers, like ourselves, will