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Sunset Blvd.’s New, Digital Landscape

As if we didn’t already have too many adverts thrown in our faces… West Hollywood is looking to spruce up their beloved Sunset strip with a temporary digital billboard at 8775 Sunset Boulevard. Do you hate digital billboards? Same. In a bid to create a


“The Most Surreal Furniture”

The work of Sigmund Freud was profoundly influential for the surreal, particularly his book, The Interpretation of Dreams (1899). Freud legitimized the importance of dreams and the unconscious as valid revelations of human emotion and desires for violence. It provided a theoretical basis for much of


Daydreamin’ w/ Google

As if Google wasn’t already in the news; Or virtual reality for that matter.  With the merge of new technologies for virtual and augmented reality hitting the markets sooner-rather-than-later, Google has hit the forefront running–debuting their own VR software and headset: Daydream. Google is not



Have you ever tried to look up a specific image, but encountered thousands of ubiquitous, similarly defined images in search? Well, Shutterstock, global powerhouse for royalty-free work, just made it easier. Forget typing in keywords. This is the future of image searching. Reverse Image Search


Industrial Design : Office Essentials

In order to fulfill the dreams of our clients, and create timeless product, we need all the right equipment suitable  for industrial design. Even down to the players, but that’s another story. We’ll talk about desk essentials and industrial design secrets. What exactly is it that allows industrial designers



Smart phones, smart watches and smart homes; what will be next? Well, obviously smart guitars. Mind Music Labs has created Sensus, the world’s first ‘real’ smart guitar. It takes features from your traditional guitar and combines it with wireless connectivity, allowing it to receive, process


Office Getaway : ANDesign in Africa

The second financial quarter is already underway…we understand the stress that comes with running a business. Believe us. Working in the creative industry isn’t as easy as it may look. Our clients are well educated on product analytics; so going above and beyond is depleting;


Crowdfunding Culture

As many may know, through our sponsor company, ANDesignLab, a full-serviced industrial design agency, we’ve analyzed innumerable crowd funded campaigns in order to curate some of our own. So, then, who provides the very best platform for the fundamental features of crowdfunding? Personally, if you are looking


Samsung’s Smart Contact Lens

After watching the pop culture influence of sci-fi and secret-agent scenes all my childhood, I wondered why a smart contact lens did not exist yet. A decade ago imagining a small computer with a camera attached to your glasses allowing you to view an augmented