Code your own Custom Christmas Tree Light Sequence!

This holiday season, Made with Code is letting you program your very own Christmas tree in Washington, D.C. The site, which is powered by Google, has teamed up with the National Park Foundation to assemble a display of 56 customizable trees at President’s Park.

Made with Code has made programming as easy as dragging and dropping “blocks” of code to make a string of commands for the lights. Users can pick colors, light density and even arrange how the lights glow.


A look at the Holiday Lights Animation Page


Based off Blockly, a web-based visual programming editor, Made with Code simplifies coding by turning complex syntaxes into Lego-like bricks. The site introduces anyone interested into the world of programming and teaches the concepts in an engaging, graphic way. Instead of chaining together symbols and letters in the correct order, users can adjust their “code” by reordering the blocks or by altering the numerical values within the blocks.

After coding, users can select one of the 56 trees (each representing a state or territory) to display their light show. Made with Code even tells you the approximate time when your sequence will be presented!


Our show displayed at 3:46 PM on December 18th in Washington D.C.!


Another holiday project on their site lets visitors design their own snowflake. Much like the Christmas Tree animator, users will select pre-loaded images and animations in
blocks” to animate a unique snowflake.





made-with-code-snowflake (2)


Made with Code’s overall mission is to increase diversity in Computer Science. Although we are surrounded by technology, women are underrepresented in companies, labs and boardrooms that produce such advancements. According to their FAQ, Made with Code is “designed to do three things: To inspire girls by celebrating women and girls who are using code to do great things; to engage girls to try coding through introductory projects and resources; and to sustain their interest by creating alliances and community around girls and coding.”


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