Creating a DIY Toy: Part 1

We’ve been seeing many blank DIY toys around and were amazed by some of the creations artists have been able to make with them. So much so, that we decided to do one of our own.

This is the toy we got:



Step I: Brainstorming for a Concept and Inspiration

  • We chose to make our character some sort of cat species that grew up in a landfill so he’s a little rugged but adorable at the same time. 

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  •  We wanted him to always be traveling so we picked a little sidekick that would enable him to do so. We decided it would be a radioactive blowfish (we wanted to add a cool glow in the dark or black-light feature).




  • Our characters needed to be attached to each other by a harness (so that the blowfish could swell up and carry the cat on their adventures).

Fantastic views of man's parachute.

  • Next, we picked out some images for color inspiration..




Step II: Concept sketching and thinking of a name…

  • We threw a couple ideas for how we wanted the to look by using out inspiration and sketching them down. We’re still working on the blowfish but this is the face for the cat we decided on:


  • The name came easy to us. We named it after our office mascots Frankenstein and Moxie: Adventures with Frank and Mox.




Stay tuned for Part 2!

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