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We were incredibly impressed with the innovative student work at the  Cal State Long Beach BS & BFA Senior Design Show for Industrial Design & Architecture Design Class of 2013, which featuring the work of 22 young designers. Though all projects were impressive in their integrity and quality, there was one product design that really caught our eye- The MEDA Backpack by Angela Wang.

Designed for motorcycle riders, the MEDA is a waterproof/weatherproof backpack with built-in turn signal and brake  lights for safe riding.  As a former rider Angela wanted to design a product that could benefit the motorcycle community. Riders face serious risk of accidents due to lack of visibility. There’s no question that riders need to make their presence aware on the road. In addition to its safety features, the MEDA is designed with ample space (it easily fits a 17″ laptop, books, and accessories with room to spare) and provides ergonomic comfort through a unique weight distribution system. Angela is currently working toward developing the MEDA as a consumer product.

MEDAmeda cad

We asked Angela to share her design experience with  us:

biggest challenge: pattern making, cut lines,  scouring the LA fabric district for days and tearing apart camping equipment to determine the 6 fabrics (all waterproof)  incorporated in her design

proudest moment: “All the time I put into it paid off! People thought it was a brilliant idea and suggested I patent it ASAP. Riders in my community were interested in purchasing.”

sound advice: Approach people for market research. Don’t be afraid to go out there and make mistakes. invest a lot of time in that concept ideation period.



Check out Angela’s Coroflot Portfolio to see her work and get in touch. To see a video of MEDA in action, click here.

9 thoughts on “Designer Profile : Angela Wang”

  1. Diego says:

    I agree. Angela should get a patent on this ASAP. I however have one question, how does the MEDA determine when to activate the signals (left/right) or even the braking? I don’t see any physical connection from the MEDA to motorcycle.

    1. Alex says:

      Designers don`t have to worry about such petty technical details. Leave that up to engineers.

    2. admin says:

      Angela Wang has a working prototype of the MEDA backpack.
      She also showed us how it worked during our Q&A interview.
      Amazingly, the turn signals on the motorcycle links to the backpack.

  2. Sam says:

    Now that’s thinking outside the box for a motorcyclist! I agree with Diego, get a patent ASAP Angela and then get MEDA out to the riders. I do have one question, cost for the MEDA?

  3. Justin Wall says:

    I ride everyday when its not raining, and if i had this then that transfer truck might not have hit me years ago. Im curious as to how the lights work in conjunction with the bike, bluetooth maybe? Night riding is very dangerous in rural areas around my location, and this would be a great help.

    Id be interested in testing/purchasing this.

    1. admin says:

      So do we! Lets hope her concept gets developed into mass production.

  4. Yogiman says:

    Because you rode a scooter a few times does not make you a biker! I can see it now.. this crap get developed and Obutthole and his cronies will make it a law to wear this type of crap!

  5. Steven Mendoza says:

    This new concept is a great idea. I am a motorcycle instructor for Safety Center Inc. in Northern California and I would be very interested in seeing this product in person in its fully functional state. I see this new product as not only a benefit to being seen at night but also daylight riding. I would recommend adding reflective, bright colors, camouflage and etc. to the gear to riders that would like the added option. I see this product launching into stores such as Cyclegear and other major players. I wish you a prosperous journey. (side note: keep the gear light weight, Kevlar, inexpensive, have a product life expectancy date for the lights, and provide models with the optional brake light and turn signal functionality.)

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