Designer’s Color Report

Twice every year, Pantone, a manufacturer of colored paint, plastic and fabrics creates a list of their favorite colors. These picks outline and forecast what designers should incorporate into their products. The Spring 2015 list has come out with a “minimalistic en plein air theme” and uses warm pastelles in their choice palette. The bright colors are pleasing to look at, but the color schemes they provide do not translate well into industrial designed consumer products. Where fashion color trends are fleeting, our designers like to use schemes that endure through the changing seasons. Below is a list of hues our design team picked as their preferred colors and their applications.

Primary Colors:

Vic Pramono says “A product’s color scheme should have 70% primary color, 20% of the secondary and 10% tertiary.” With that said, our designers rely on versatile achromatic colors for the primary hue in a project.

Neutral color that pairs well with pretty much anything. Greys and blacks can be applied to most anything and come out slick. Pantone 432 is a dark grey that we’ve used on our MOD powerkit. Pairing the grey with soft touch paint gives the devices a premium feel. The GolfBuddy LR4 laser rangefinder incorporates a lighter shade like Pantone 427u with white to convey a sense of lively playfulness while out on the greens.

432c grey


There’s not much to say about black – it’s the ultimate “color”. A wide range of appliances come in black or black trim, and for a good reason – it’s a staple, not going anywhere. It gives a sleek look while complementing any color you put beside it.


When designing the Polar Pro for our client, he wanted to use a hint of his favorite color – blue. The first batch we got had a painted blue accent ring, but the shade and paint made it seem more toy-like than a tough, durable extension pole. We then decided to use an anodized finish using a deeper blue before going into full production.


This pretty shade of blue-green was popularized by Tiffany & Co. The bright hue makes a bold statement while being easy on the eyes. We’ve incorporated the color into our MOD Powerkit tanks and the Sili Squeeze





Designer Rian Abraham appreciates red on products that have are intended for active use. For instance, we used a hint of red for the packaging to convey the idea that this product belongs on the front of a surfboard or bike.



Orange & Green
This particular combination brings to mind images of the outdoors. The rugged color scheme asks for it to be taken out in the wild and abused. Below are two durable external battery supplies we designed for Mophie. Designed to endure the hard falls and rough weather, these products can take a beating, and we wanted to express it through the colors.





For our latest project, I asked Leila Kashani, the inventor of the Sphynx 3-in-1 razor about her color schemes.


Ben B: How did you come up with the idea?

Leila K:   I was on the beach with friends and realized I missed a spot. Told my friends their should be a solution, everyone agreed. Over 10 years later I was still run into situations like that where I would remember wanting a product to solve this. I told a friend at work, and she told me I’m crazy for not doing it. After hearing enough girls beg me and remind me of my idea I had back then, I realized… I needed to solve this problem for a lot more woman then I ever hard imagined.


BB: How did you pick the colors? Any particular reason why such colors?

LK: I wrote down all the things that I wanted to brand to embody. Adjectives. From there I started to sort through colors and patterns… And if the words matched the colors to me, I picked that color. So far I’ve picked 4 core colors that resemble what the brand personality is. I used these 4 colors to create different patterns and styles. Normally you’d see a pineapple in yellow, but since it’s not a brand color, I gave it the brand touch so it would fit in the family. The patterns and the names of each style really help drive it home on what the brand is all about. Witty, playful and fun.


Check out her Kickstarter for Sphynx Razor here!


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