DIY Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Lady or Fellow

We’ve made two DIY Valentine’s Day projects for you to make with items you may already have in your workshop!

The first is a leather bracelet with hex nuts.


What we used:

  • Leather lace
  • 12 hex nuts #8-32
  • Scissors 
  • Ruler
  • Tape (we suggest packing tape)


Step 1:

  • Cut three 17” strands of leather 


Step 2:

  •  Hold all three strands together and tie a knot at one end.
  • Tape the knot down to a table.


Step 3:

  • Braid the strands 1 1/2”-2” down depending on how long you want the bracelet to be. 
  • Put the hex nut on one of the outside strands.
  • Repeat on the opposite side and continue braiding them in as you go.
  • Once all of the nuts are in braid down another 1 1/2”-2”.


Step 4:

  •  Make a loop with one of the strands and tie the other two in a knot around the base.
  • Take one the the strands that is already knotted and tie a knot with the bottom loop strand to ensure the loop won’t pull out.
  • Make sure that all knots are secure and trim the excess leather off.



We did beer coasters for the second project.


What we used:

  • Ceramic tile squares
  • Beer box
  • Cardboard gift box
  • Felt
  • Ruler
  • X-acto knife
  • Spray mount
  • Clear sealer
  • Glue gun
  • Gloves


Step 1:

  • Cut open your beer box.
  • Cut out a smaller area for the graphic you want to use.
  • Our tiles were 4 1/4” square so we cut our beer box squares at 4” (you want them smaller than the tile).


Step 2: (Wear gloves!)

  • Spray the back of the cardboard cut out with adhesive. 
  • Let the adhesive get tacky and then place on top of the tile.
  • We used another tile to press the cut out down all the way.


Step 3: (start heating up your hot glue gun)

  •  Spray the tops of the tiles with clear sealant. Make sure to do this outside. 
  • Let dry.
  • Repeat.


Step 4:

  •  Cut out 4×4” squares of felt for each tile and one 2×8” piece.
  •  Use the hot glue gun to adhere the 4×4” squares to the bottoms of the tiles.
  • Glue approximately a 1/2” section of the 2×8” felt to the bottom of one of the sides of your gift box. This piece will make for easy removal of the coasters. We also cut down our box since we only mad four coasters (before we glued in the felt).


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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