Don’t be That Person on a Hoverboard This Summer

Oh, you’re a rap star now? Excuse me. A trapstar. Better yet, a professional hoverboard rider.

Clearly, Back2theFuture was wrong.

Although they were right about one thing: self-tying shoe laces. We detailed that technology in a prior post.

Well, then, you probably have one of those hovering boards, that doesn’t really hover, but rolls. The board that make 6-foot-basketball players an entire foot taller. The hand-less segways, ya’know. 

There’s good news for all my fellow trapstars! Introduced to the market, a HOVERSEAT. 


No, really. I personally believe that people won’t look down upon you if you rode around the sidewalk in one of these instead of an actual hoverboard.

Unless you literally mean look down upon.




“HoverSeat just takes a few seconds to install. It attaches to your hoverboard. Add your favorite beach chair and strap it in.” -KS Campaign

Okay, in case you aren’t totally convinced…attach a cooler and bring it with you everywhere you go this summer!

The HoverSeat’s unique design features a lightweight aluminum frame created to fit the user’s favorite beach chair or cooler and an easy-to-use latching system that connects with different size hoverboards. The attachment uses the power of the hoverboard to create a mobile-seated experience, and towing capacity of 230 lbs, which makes trips to and from the car a breeze. Users can sit back, relax and tow anything from a kayak to an umbrella with ease.





The popular tech-gadget of 2016, the hoverboard, is more user-friendly than ever thanks to an innovative new product designed with balance in mind, launching today on KickStarter.

The HoverSeat provides hoverboard aficionados of all ages and abilities with the opportunity to access the device like never before – while seated!

“Issues involving roadway obstacles and balance have isolated many customers who have long wanted to try a hoverboard,” said HoverSeat representative Slava Fattakhov. “The HoverSeat addresses safety concerns such as cracks in the pavement, that can cause real injury and provides even the most unsteady of users with an opportunity to experience a hoverboard.”


If you’re sold at the thought of riding a hoverboard WITHOUT FALLING, support their Kickstarter here:


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