No matter what stage your startup is in, you’ll want to start or continue to grow your social media audience. The more people you reach on social media and through advertising, the better your launch and on-going sales will be.

(Our list is sort of long, but helpful; remember, we do this for a living.)


A. Create strong social profiles and pages – this requires including branded cover photos and profile photos. It’ll also require filling out all of your details. Make sure to have shared a few updates!

B. Share quality content– Even before your startup gets going fully, start building your audience on most networks by sharing content that your target audience will enjoy. That means “blog content”: podcasts, videos, presentations, infographics, etc., created by you or by others. Attention spans are shorter than ever…

C. Add links to top social media accounts on your website – You can do this by adding small square social network icons to your website’s header, footer, and sidebar.

D. Cross Promote your social accounts – Already have a large audience on one account? Ask its members to connect with you on another. But be weary about how you share your content across your platforms. Fit them accordingly.

E. Follow your target audience and engage – When you follow people, they get a notification. In addition, chat with them! If people like your reply, they just might follow you back. Use Twitter Search to find people that match your target audience. Twitter will search keywords in people’s bios as well as their tweets.

F. Use hashtags! – when you share photos and videos, be sure to use hashtags in your captions. Hashtags are utilized by users to find visual content on specific topics. As people come across your photos and videos in the hashtag stream, they’ll be able to click a button next to your name to follow you.

G. Comment! – post on blogs, comments, articles, so others can see your profile in the threads. Stand out by always leaving an insightful reply, making others want to know more about you and what you do.

H. Automation – feel free to automate! If your content is great, it doesn’t matter how people get to it. What matters is that they stick around! Set up some parameters for automated content and activity. Have fun doing it!

These are some of our top, quick wins for growing your startup’s social media audience.

What social media techniques do you do that we missed?

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