Must Share: eXploration Habitat Academic Innovation Challenge

Wanna win $10-20k?

Here’s your opportunity:

“The Advanced Exploration Systems (AES) Exploration Augmentation Module (EAM) project will offer multiple X-Hab awards of $10k – $20k each to design and produce functional products of interest to the EAM project (see topic list) as proposed by university teams according to their interests and expertise.”

Don’t get too excited. It’s not as easy as it sounds…

The RFP was released yesterday.

If your student team is selected you’re required to through three different review processes.

NASA will be putting a lot of responsibility on the selected students in order to give the students a greater influence over future development of space technologies.


Vertically Oriented Habitat Mockup Robotic Plant Growth System Expandable Habitat Demonstration


“Proposals will be accepted from faculty who are U.S. citizens and currently teach an Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredited engineering senior or graduate design, industrial design, or architecture curriculum teaming course at a university affiliated with the National Space Grant College (if applicable) and Fellowship Program, or other US accredited university. Multi-discipline, multi-departmental, and/or multi-institutional teaming collaborations are highly encouraged.”

Do you qualify?

If so, take a crack at it and if you heard about it from us make sure to let us know.

Proposal Due Date is 30 April 2015

This competition is way over my head, but I felt it was worthy of sharing.

Who knows, maybe the winner will hear about it here?


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