Flare, a new app by GoDaddy, is Tinder for entrepreneurial ideas. [UPDATED]


Flare is a new app, created by GoDaddy, where people share ideas.

Like Tinder, you swipe to share your opinion.

Except with Flare you’re smash-or-passing on entrepreneurial ideas.


The Features:

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Once a user submits an idea, the idea has 24 hours to receive at least 10 followers.

Once the 24 hour period is over, the followers can advise the poster on their idea.

If the idea will one day become a product, followers can pledge to be future customers.



So here is my experience with Flare:

I download the app, install, skip the tutorial and begin my attempt to create an account.

The app’s been attempting to log me in for about two minutes and my internet connection is perfectly fine.

I close the app and open it again, now the little animated light bulb is gone.

So, I click “Continue With Facebook” again, my phone navigates to Facebook where I authorize the app to access my info, .

Animation comes back, it says it’s connecting me then returns to the “Join Our Community” page.

I click “Continue with Facebook” it says “Logging You In” and shows the animation again.

Then the app returns to the “Join Our Community” page.

I give up on signing up for now.


I hit the home tab and it prompts me to notify them of network issues.

I toggle Airplane mode and close the app entirely.


I try the above process a couple more times and give up.

I’ll just talk to Ben (a fellow blogger at DelaBuzz) about the app, he already has it installed on his phone.


I google “Flare app.”

Result #6 is flare.godaddy.com

I click the link.

“This site can’t be reached.”

I reload the page.

Same thing.

So, back to the app.

The only way for me to connect to the app is to connect with Facebook and that feature is not working.

[UPDATE 6/20/2016]

I was contacted by a developer at Flare and my issue has been resolved.

I am now able to log-in seamlessly through Facebook.

The app seems to be functioning as intended.

I’m going to post an idea of my own.

First thoughts, I wouldn’t mind a higher text limit for the idea description.

Serious, thought-out ideas don’t really have a max character count.

My idea is “A Portable Rechargeable Drum Synth w/ Built-in Speaker & Subwoofer”

Check it out and show me some love!





I’m not excited about my experience with the app.

However, the App works fine for Ben, so presuming the app works for you, it might be a great place to introduce

some of those business ideas that have been bouncing around in your head.

I think this is a really cool concept, that needs some work, but new apps always do.

Hey Kickstarter, how about a partnership?



Try the app yourself. Let us know what you think.

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